Merv’s Musings – May 23, 2020

Merv’s Musings – May 23, 2020

Rev. Merv Lanctot
St. Andrews on the Red   St. Matthews
cell:  204 880-7727


Merv’s Musings

This week we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension.  As Jesus ascends to the right hand of the Father, He says to his followers:  “Wait, I will send you the Holy Spirit who will give you Power from on High!”  So the disciples went up into the upper room and waited.  They waited 10 days for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Before the Resurrection, the disciples looked only at the problems they were faced with:  the death of their leader!  However after Pentecost, the disciples’ lives were changed dramatically with the coming of the Holy Spirit.  They would experience power and courage to be witnesses to the world.

 A well known Christian counsellor once said that people coming to him needed to go from a place of problem to a place of power.  He would listen to the person.  He would hear all of their story as they expressed the details of their problem or situation.  He would then say: “now take a time of silence to think how Jesus could fix the problem.”  He would say that they could go from a place of problem to a place of power.  For we may not be able to fix the problem, we may not even know how to start to fix the problem.  But Jesus is able to do all things!   We need to turn the problem over to Him.

 The disciples saw Jesus death as a problem, but once they experienced the risen Lord, their problem turned to power as they put their faith in Christ.

Their problem, no longer was seen as a problem, but seen as opportunities for the risen Lord.  They went from a place of problem to that of power. 

I imagine the disciples were really excited to spend time with the risen Lord.  Their expectations increasing daily.  But now He was departing once again as He ascended to the right hand of the Father.  How would they even begin to be the church Jesus called them to be?        

Jesus said if He did not go away, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit was not able to come to them.  “If I depart”, Jesus said, “I will send the Holy Spirit.  The power from on High!”

 I guess, we are the same today.  If we just look at the problem that has been placed upon us by Covid-19, we may not know what to do or where to turn.  But Jesus does!  As we come to pray, the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us to the path we should go.  Often when we come out of a crisis, we come out with our faith stronger, our relationship with God stronger, and we realize our dependency on God. 

 When St. Andrews and St. Matthews opens up to worship services, things no doubt, will be different.  It may not be the same at all.  But one thing is certain: God is in Control.  He said he would never leave us or forsake us but would send His Holy Spirit to be with us.  To comfort us, to care for us and to guide our path forward.

 Today we continue to be his feet, his hands, his voice. 

 But like the disciples of old, we don’t go in our own power, we no longer need to look at our situation as a place of problem but rather we go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit!

 In Christ

Rev. Merv Lanctot

Faith Grows in the Soil of Hope!