Chance. By Golly  is Sandy McKenzie & Mark McLearon.  Their repertoire explores dance music of Western Europe from the 16th to 18th Centuries with an emphasis on Celtic folk music.  Their instruments, including fipple flutes, uke-lute, fiddle, bodhran, jigg dolls, & other percussion reflect the times of long ago. To further engage our audience, they occasionally tell a story or break out in song.   

St. Andrew’s Church is going to have concerts on July 23, August 13 and 27 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. by the Celtic-Folk duo Chance, By Golly as part of the Raise the Roof fund raiser.  They also will be playing at our Yard Sale on Saturday, August 19th at the church.

Back in the 1600’s, dancing among the common folk was a welcome break from hard-working times.  When the aristocracy discovered how much fun they were having, they tried it too!  The accompanying music became an important aspect of  social life and our traditional dance music from Scotland, England, Wales, France, and Ireland evolved from that context.

Previous performances have included Festival du Voyageur at the 275th anniversary of the formation of Fort Rouge (18th C), Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site, Captain Kennedy House (19th C), Cook’s Creek Medieval Festival (16th C), Dalnavert Museum, St. Andrew’s on the Red, St. Andrews Heritage Centre, and Retirement and Personal Care homes.

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