Rev. Merv Lanctot

Priest in Charge

Please contact Reverend Father Merv Lanctot at for any matter relating to spiritual needs and services that he or the Parish of St. Andrew may be able to render.

Free Larter

Rector's Warden


Barbara Gessner

People’s Warden
E-mail Barbara Gessner

Questions and concerns relating to the Parish of St. Andrew from parishioners in particular, should be directed to Barbara.

Randy Pastetnik

Cemetery Superintendent
E-mail Randy Pastetnik

Please direct all inquiries relating to the welfare of our rector and purchase and maintenance of our cemetery plots or columbarium niches to Randy.  Randy can also assist you with locating or confirming burial sites after being provided proper identification and your reason for inquiring.

Peter L. Clarke

E-mail Peter L. Clarke

Please direct any inquiries regarding donation to the Parish of St. Andrew or any matters of a financial nature to Peter.

Gayle Gessner

E-mail Gayle Gessner

Please direct any inquiries regarding the Parish of St. Andrew archives to Gayle.