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Merv’s Musings – 2020.06.27

by Peter Clarke

Merv’s Musings Romans 5: 12 – 19 Paul writes in his letter to the Roman Church:  How much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many! God’s Grace!  A word we Christians often use. It can be seen as a theological buzz […]

Merv’s Musings – June 13, 2020

by Peter Clarke

Trust and Obey! We continue to journey through this pandemic that has disrupted our lives these past number of months.  We are encouraged to listen to those in authority.  In Manitoba we have not been hit as hard as those in other parts of the country.  I think we did a great job listening, trusting […]

Merv’s Musings – June 6, 2020

by Peter Clarke

It is 8 minutes 46 seconds that has been seen around the world.  The death of George Floyd has played over and over on TV.  The protests, the demonstrations both violent and peaceful playing out each night.  The placard that spoke to me was the one that said: We may not know how you feel but we stand […]